Sound-proofing properties of liquid wallpaper

Our homes should serve as a quiet, peaceful respite from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. To silence the racket, you can effectively soundproof rooms to dampen the din of traffic, sirens, airplanes, honking horns, and other noisy intrusions going on in and around your home. Hard surfaces, like drywall, plaster, and tile, reflect and amplify sounds. So, it only makes sense that soft surfaces absorb sounds, making rooms much quieter. Virtually any soft material will work, though thicker ones absorb more sound than thinner materials. In fact, Liquid wallpaper acts as a noise insulation material on the wall because of its textile fibers.

here are the main advantages of the Acoustical properties of Celomix liquid wallpaper:

Eliminating Residual Sound
The main purpose of acoustic material is to eliminate residual sound found in a room. Upon installation, it can diffuse or absorb sound from the initial point of reflection.

Acting as Absorbers and Diffusers
Celomix liquid wallpaper is specially designed to function as an absorber or diffuser depending on the main results that you wish to achieve. An absorber and a diffuser are the key tools that help alter the acoustic conditions of a room, a partially enclosed space, and an outdoor space.

Improving Sound Intelligibility
The acoustic properties of liquid wallpaper are effective when used in a variety of spaces such as bars, restaurants, offices, concert halls, and more. Each location has its own unique requirements, thus it is important to know exactly what each space requires to improve sound intelligibility. For a space with an open concept where several people are conversing simultaneously, the environment is bound to become loud and distracting. it is helpful within such an area which help to localize the noise for it to be properly contained.


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